This no-cost-to-students course material for ITEC 2110 (Digital Media) is developed/adopted by Dr. Shuhua Lai and Dr. Kairui Chen, with support from USG with a grant "Developing no-cost-to-student course material for ITEC 2110 (Digital Media)". For more details, please visit here.



In class activities

GIMP Software

  1. About tool box in GIMP
  2. About layers in GIMP
  3. About creating animation using GIMP
  4. Cracking face
  5. Change hair color
  6. Fix face imperfection using GIMP
  7. drop shadow effect using GIMP
  8. Creating a cubed logo using GIMP
  9. Gimp Effects
  10. 3D window using GIMP
  11. 3D pop out effect using GIMP

InkScape Software

  1. Inscape Basics
  2. Your own license plate
  3. YinYang using Inkscape
  4. LCD digits using Inkscape
  5. Bitmap masking using Inkscape
  6. Creating a USB with Inkscape
  7. Creating circular arrows
  8. Creating Wallpaper using Inkscape

Audacity Software

  1. Audacity audio effect
  2. How to make your voice sound better
  3. Audio digitization

Flash Software

  1. Flash tween animation
  2. Frame by frame animation 1


  1. Understanding Wiki
  2. Basic Gimp Logo design using Gimp
  3. Colorful Text with Shadow
  4. Make a Stop Sign by Inkscape
  5. Image retouching using Gimp
  6. Video Retouching using Lightworks
  7. Audio retouching using Audacity
  8. Video Editing using Windows MovieMaker
  9. Warp Corner using Inkscape

Project assignments

  1. GIMP Project
  2. Inkscape Project
  3. GameMaker Project
  4. Audio Project
  5. Movie Project
  6. Animation Project

Chapter Review Questions

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 review questions

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 review questions

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 review questions

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 review questions

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 review questions

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 review questions

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